Get a PSE Bow and a Lock-a-Draw Already Tuned!
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We have become a dealer for PSE Archery.  Now you can order a bow already fitted with a Lock-a-Draw and tuned.  Each bow comes as a bow only, a ready to shoot bow, and a field ready bow.  The ready to shoot bow comes with bow sight, peep sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, wrist strap, and nocking loop.  The field ready bow includes arrows.  The price of the combination Lock-a-Draw and bow is the price of the bow of your choice plus $150. for the Lock-a-Draw and tuning.  If you buy a bare bow it will come with the Ultra-Nok II (extra $12.95) and Whisker Biscuit (extra $35.00) since these is necessary for the tuning.  The Lock-a-Draw will be tuned, but you will have to fit the bow with sights and other accessories of your choice.  If you would rather use a different arrow rest such as a drop away, call me and it can be arranged   Please be aware that your order may take as long as two weeks to ship especially during the month before hunting season, our busiest time of year.

Click the Picture to See the Bows

Clicking the picture (not the name) will send you to the PSE website.  Click on the red name (all except Rally have color choices) to see the bow.  Do not use the shopping cart on the PSE website.  Close the PSE site to return to with your choice to order the combination Lock-a-Draw and Bow by phone.









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